Trade department

Together, we will meet all requirements imposed by the new European information standard for all packaged retail investment and insurance products.


Content Software Legal Documentation implements the creation of basic information sheets on the basis of existing data and its preparation according to the rules of mathematical finance, even if there is uncertainty as to whether the existing rules are incomplete or may still be changed.

Process security due to rule-based systems

                Turn the defined rules to your advantage and integrate them into your own workflows.

Quality through testing routines

Guarantee high quality with plausibility checks and automatic monitoring.

Speed by means of automation

Take advantage of high reusability of content, calculations, and layouts.

Bild: Torsten Greiff - Founder and CIO of Content Software

"Content Software Legal Documentation was developed in cooperation with users and industry experts. We provide an open, transparent solution that has been proven in day-to-day business. Our clients profit not only from the separation of data, layout, and content, but even more from the high degree of customization."

Content Software Legal Documentation wins over clients with its high degree of reusability of content, calculations, and layouts.

Users benefit from the sandbox concept: It allows seamless, thorough testing of new processes and content and trials within an isolated area of the productive system before introducing new types of financial products/securities.