Legal department

Together, we will ensure that you can implement a document generation process that is reliable technically, legally, and with respect to content.


Data integration in real time

Flexibly configure access to data, integrating as many data models as you need. Use the data model that suits your product.


Calculation in real time

Monitor all relevant parameters and indicators in compliance with regulatory prescriptions.


Auditing in real time

Document and log in an audit-compliant manner, using rule-based document creation.

Content Software Legal Documentation is the state-of-the-art service that allows high-quality, automated compliance with investor information standards. The service is remarkable not only for its comprehensively automated, audit-compliant creation of standard-compliant information sheets, but also for its fully automatic calculation of the summary risk indicator and defined performance scenarios, for instance. Plausibility tests, change tracking, versioning, and implementation of client-specific workflow – including dual control.

Bild: Torsten Greiff - Founder and CIO of Content Software

"The objective of the PRIIP ordinance is to enhance investor security and restore the trust of small investors in the financial market by means of more transparency. Our goal is to use Content Software Legal Documentation to put you in a position to fulfil all standards at low cost and high quality."

Content Software Legal Documentation is a special document editor that implements automatic generation processes (document composition or compositioning) for PISs, KIDs, final terms, term sheets, sales literature, etc. It is an ideal solution for audit-compliant creation and archiving of documents and allows a number of options regarding publication creation – whether the publication is a PIS from a client portal, a publication regarding a public offering, or an individual sales brochure. The service fulfils the current and future requirements of the trade department, the legal department, and sales for certificates, funds, and insurance policies.