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The ordinance for basic information sheets for packaged retailed investment and insurance products (PRIIPs) is another EU-wide standard for product information that insurance companies must integrate into their processes. An elementary component is the introduction of basic information sheets (key information documents, or KIDs), which must be performed by 1 January 2018.

Take advantage of the increase in investor protection as an option for sustainably improving your own competitive situation, and, in the creation of the necessary documents, rely on a forward-looking solution that fulfils all relevant requirements today. Don’t wait until the last special arrangement and deadline extension expires. Instead, ensure transparency in the creation of all basic information sheets today and integrate the corresponding data and calculations for the associated products – be proactive.
Bild: Thomas Fechner - Consultant at Content Software

"Content Software creates premium state-of-the-art solutions for legally compliant document processes during the creation of essential investor information in harmony with the PRIIP ordinance and other guidelines."