The process: Content Software Legal Documentation

Content Software Legal Documentation’s “production engine” generates documents that are needed for the sale of financial products from the areas of certificates, funds, and insurance policies. Content Software supports the creation of PISs and the generation of KIDs or other documents from these areas. Created documents can be automatically distributed to a number of systems or individuals. Distribution can be made to institutions such as the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) or Clearstream, to clients, to in-house systems, and to sales departments.

The generation of documents can be performed in several ways. Within the framework of a new issue, all documents necessary for the issue can be automatically prepared. Individual documents can also be prepared on demand, downloaded from a trading platform, for instance, or in real time with current data. Moreover, staff can also create documents directly. The proven privilege test, a service for extremely granular determination of user privileges, ensures that only authorized users and processes receive access within the framework of the “production engine”; when new documents are added or the content of old documents is changed, a dual control is made. The integrated validation functions ensure the high standard of quality that is essential in this area. For instance, the system ensures that no KID longer than three pages is created.

Separating data, texts, and layout from one another allows ideal distribution of responsibility among the various participants. Using the Content Software Document Authoring application, the department creates and maintains the texts for the documents. The layout is determined by the document to be created. The data can be delivered in a prepared form, or the Content Software Calculation Service assumes responsibility for the preparation of raw data in order to calculate the summary risk indicator (SRI), for instance. The Content Software Monitoring Service monitors all essential indices in order to be able to update a KID if necessary.