What is Content Software Legal Documentation?

The Legal Documentation solution from Content Software is an integrated service that has been specially developed for the requirements of the financial sector. One elementary component is a document editor that automatically runs generation processes for documents from the areas of certificates, funds, and insurance policies. It also supports the generation of PIBs, KIDs, and numerous other types of documents such as final terms, term sheets, and sales literature. We would be happy to provide you with a complete list and individual functions in a demo.

To whom is Content Software Legal Documentation suited?

Content Software’s service is suited to anyone who is involved in the creation and use of KIDs and other necessary documents from the areas of certificates, funds, and insurance policies.

  • Legal:The legal department creates and manages the content of the documents. The data models provided can be used to access financial data that is needed for the document.
  • Trade:For the sale of certificates, funds, and insurance policies, trade requires legally compliant documents that are to be prepared by the legal department. Quick time to market is especially important for new financial products. The data models provided put trade in a position to deliver the relevant document for the financial data required.
  • Sales:Sales can conveniently access existing documents such as KIDs and sales literature. In addition, it can access text modules that have been approved by the legal department in order to develop its own documents that are necessary for sales.

Does Content Software Legal Documentation support the PRIIP ordinance?

The Legal Documentation solution supports both the current ordinance and the new PRIIP ordinance.

What does separation of data, layout, and content mean?

The concept of separation of data, layout, and content is at the heart of the Legal Documentation solution. It allows responsibility to be allocated between the trade department (data) and the legal department (document content). At the same time, this concept ensures high text reusability. Instead of constantly duplicating texts and thereby providing opportunities for errors, texts are prepared only once. The separation of content from layout allows texts to be used at many points in many documents.

The author of the content can concentrate on content and need not worry about the correct presentation of that content.

The new PRIIP ordinance is still unclear on several points. Is this the right time for me to introduce a new system?

Now is the right time to implement the solution from Content Software. The Legal Documentation service is flexibly constructed so that it can reflect the requirements of the PRIIP ordinance.

Is Content Software Legal Documentation a service or a product?

It’s up to you! You can purchase Content Software Legal Documentation as a product or as SaaS (Software as a Service). Moreover, you can choose whether we assume operations in a data centre that is certified according to banking standards or whether you operate the system in-house.