At a glance

Content Software Legal Documentation


A service ...

  • for audit-compliant creation and archiving of documents.
  • in compliance with the new PRIIP ordinance and existing and future ordinances.
  • for the creation of all relevant types of publication: PISs, KIDs, final terms, term sheets, sales literature, and many more.
  • for the calculation and monitoring of the summary risk indicator (SRI) in compliance with regulatory prescriptions.
  • for audit-compliant logging of document creation and distribution based on specific client workflows, including dual control.
  • that automatically creates documents in a number of languages.



Data and data processing

  • Authors use data models provided to conveniently access financial data that are needed for document generation.
  • Financial data that have already been consolidated can be used directly through defined interfaces for document creation.
  • The processing of raw data to determine the summary risk indicator (SRI), market risk measure (MRM), credit risk measure (CRM), and other key indicators is performed through the calculation service.


  • Content Software Production Engine generates documents that are needed for the sale of financial products from the areas of certificates, funds, and insurance policies.
  • Fully automatic or automatic creation of all relevant documents within the framework of new issues.
  • Only authorized users and processes receive change and adaptation privileges.
  • Creation of individual documents with current data as an on-demand request through your trade platform.
  • Granular determination of privileges within the framework of production engine access – a solution that complies with banking standards.
  • Dual control as a standard, prescribed as a default, for newly introduced information and for content changes to documents.
  • The integrated validation functions guarantee, among other things, that no PIS or KID that is longer than three pages is created, and that its scope thus complies with regulations.
  • Documents are created in fractions of a second, requiring no waiting times. There is virtually no waiting time



Internal and external distribution

  • Automatic distribution of documents to a wide variety of recipients.
  • Distribution to supervisory authorities and IT systems such as the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), Clearstream, WM, Connexor, and many more.
  • Multi-channel distribution: e-mail, in-house systems, clients, marketing, and many more.
  • Distribution logs.
Bild: Uwe Moeller - Manager of hosting and support
"Content Software Legal Documentation, allows clients to decide the manner of provision: We implement in-house solutions, offer Software as a Service, or assume operation in a data centre that is certified in accordance with banking standards."