Consider the new European information standard for all packaged retailed investment and insurance products as a competitive advantage.

Information for the client

Inform the client about the essential characteristics of the product simply and in a manner that is easy to understand..


Provision for the client

Deliver the documents directly to your clients’ interfaces.


Flexibility for the client

Adapt your portfolio to the client’s changing requirements.

Content Software Legal Documentation relies on a strict separation of data, layout, and content. This ensures not only that current requests by the various users – and their needs – are met, but also that documents can be adapted and customized quickly. In this way, portfolio adaptations and changes in corporate strategy can be seamlessly transferred to the document generation process.

Bild: Torsten Greiff - Founder and CIO of Content Software
"Our extensive experience in various specialist areas of banking and our sound knowledge of the new service and software technology has allowed Content Software to offer the conditions for the design and implementation of complex systems, turnkey software products, and meaningful consulting projects. Together with our clients, we shape strategies and solutions that grow with the requirements imposed by the market, the competition, and the users."
Content Software Legal Documentation is remarkable not only because of the high degree of customization it allows and the plausibility tests it integrates, but also because of its automated processes for distributing publications to various recipients such as supervisory authorities or other IT systems. Generating documents for numerous investment types, such as certificates, funds, and insurance policies, that vary in their requirements is not the only task the system assumes. A special added value is its support of one or more data models that can be flexibly configured according to the user’s requirements. The service fulfils the current and future requirements of the trade department, the legal department, and sales for certificates, funds, and insurance policies.