Fulfil legal obligations very simply. Stock, bonus, discount, or turbo certificates: Content Software Legal Documentation is the solution for generating your basic information sheets for package investment products and documents of similar type.


We make your document preparation possible

Together, we will prepare a strategy that is suitable for you and an operational implementation for the fulfilment of regulatory framework parameters during the creation of basic information sheets and relevant documents such as PIB, KID, final terms, term sheets, global certificates, and sales literature.


We provide consulting in the fulfilment of legal requirements

We will discuss all relevant facets of regulation, show market-compliant, sustainable solution approaches that incorporate all relevant data and data sources, and ensure smooth implementation.


We ensure speed

Together, we can create a KID in no more than three seconds and fulfil all internal requirements and regulatory conditions in doing so – in almost any language, at any time.

Bild: Marcus Klein - Manager of Legal Documentation

"Content Software Legal Documentation stands for cost reduction resulting from minimized complexity of implementing and performing document processes that also provides optimized transparency in all process steps."